How do you know if you can obtain planning permission on a land site?

A question I get asked a lot is how do you know if your land can be developed on….

A good indication is to see if there is a chance to obtain planning permission potential to develop out a land site is to see if the site is Brown or Greenfield. Your local Plans set out the long-term development strategy of an area. All planning decisions are made in line with your Council’s development plan, the most significant part of which is the Local Plan. This means the best way to influence how your local area changes are by getting involved in the creation of these plans.

Go to your local town or county offices of Building and of Planning and Zoning (Council). These departments can address specific questions about the land you’re considering buying, and give you insight as to whether your building plans would work for the area.

1) Ask the Building Office whether the lot is buildable, if there are any existing restrictions on the size of buildings, whether roads surrounding the property are publicly paved and maintained, and what permits, fees, and costs are required.

2) Ask the Planning and Zoning Officer how and if the property is zoned, whether your planned use for the lot complies with zoning restrictions, whether there are any restrictions due to environmentally protected areas like wetlands, and how much lot coverage is allowed?

3) Alternatively, you could look for a freelance town planner, someone who is able to assess the site with their knowledge of the area and the local councils.